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Our services cover everything from start to finish, this includes new construction roofing, re-roofing, and tear-off. Upon initial consultation and/or inspection of your structure and existing roofing, we offer expert guidance to find the perfect material, style, and layout for your new roof.

New Construction includes:

– Initial consultation
– Grounds Protection
– Substrate and Wood Inspection
– Installation of roofing underlayment
– Complete surface roofing
– Full clean-up
– Final inspection

Re-Roofing and Tear-Off includes:

– Initial inspection and design
– Full protective solutions for surroundings
– Removal of existing roofing
– Surface inspection
– Installation of roofing underlayment
– Complete surface re-roofing
– Full clean-up
– Final inspection

Repair and Maintenance
We’re dedicated to being as green and cost-efficient as possible. Oftentimes a damaged roof can be restored without having to remove and re-install all new materials – with our expert help of course. Besides being equipped to fix a wide variety of roof complications, we can also extend the lifespan of your roof with routine cleaning, inspection, and minor repairs.

We fix:

– Soffit cracks
– Gutter buildup
– Flashing damage
– Discolored or curling shingles
– Roof leaks
– Storm damage
– General cracks or holes

Whether you are looking to build a new commercial facility or restore your facilities current roofing; we can fulfill any of your roofing needs. As certified installers of the nation’s top commercial roofing manufactures we pride ourselves on providing you the highest quality, from pre-construction to close out warranty. This includes new construction, re-roofing, and recovering.

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